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Being in the control business for many years, we have had the opportunity to work with different building management systems. Every system had things they were good at, and things they were not. One thing I noticed that a lot of the “BACnet” systems from the big companies, weren’t truly native BACnet. They were behind the eight ball and just starting to catch up to other native BACnet systems. They also did not want to really do things too different from their proprietary protocols. This caused confusion and complexities that were unnecessary.

What if we wanted to modify the programing? Well, that required either a license that was extra, or you had to buy different software. This caused limitations in the use of the BMS, as well as a lot of service calls to the contractors. This also assured them that they were going to be married to this product for a long time, and almost guarantee the contractor a service contract. For the contractors, this was a great business model. For the customer, not so much.

Then we had the “little guy”. You know, the small or medium sized building that was big enough to have a decent amount of mechanical equipment, or multiple tenants, or both, yet it wasn’t big enough to warrant such an expensive energy management system. These buildings were left out. It wasn’t financially feasible for them to spend thousands of dollars in a front end because the payback was multiple years.


Noticing these issues in commercial real estate, there was something that needed to be done. We had to give power back to the customer. It started with EasyIO. With the software built in every controller at no extra cost, we could program for the customer and give them full control of their equipment. The software belongs to them. Using Belimo actuators, ABB VFDs, and standard sensors, we made installations affordable, under complete control of the customer. Optergy software tied all of it together. The front end is easy to use and customizable to the customer’s needs. But the best part is how affordable it is. We now had a complete solution we could offer.

 With a front end that is accessible via a smartphone or website, and controllers that are fully customizable, it is the perfect fit for any building. It just makes sense.

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